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The all-terrain among the outdoor lifts

The L-TEC Outdoorlift is a self-propelled cabin lift that has a new type of drive system. This system makes it an extremely all-terrain lift that adapts to your needs and your terrain.  


It can elegantly and safely make changes in direction and incline and thus bypass natural obstacles such as trees or rocks thanks to its flexible routing.  


This and much more makes it an extremely comfortable and elegant outdoor lift, which allows buildings and locations of various kinds to be reached on slopes. The L-TEC Outdoorlift offers you greater living comfort and is a valuable investment on your property.


A round thing

Probably the most outstanding feature of the L-TEC outdoor lift is that its innovative ball chain drive enables it to drive tight curves while driving uphill or downhill. In contrast to other systems available on the market, it is self-propelled, which means that its drive is attached to the cabin. Since it does not need a pulling rope, it can cover endlessly long and winding stretches.


The outdoor lift is also often referred to as an off-road lift, inclined lift, slope lift, terrain lift, cabin lift, slope lift or automatic passenger transporter (APM). Elevators for the disabled and lifts for disabled people are also common terms. The L-TEC Outdoorlift is of course wheelchair-friendly.

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The off-road professional with self-propulsion

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