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What if there are leaves on the rails?


Low leaf infestation is not a problem. If there are many deciduous trees along the way, we recommend attaching a leaf brush to the cabin, which can be retrofitted. 

How is the behavior in snow and ice?


In the event of heavy snowfall or freezing rain, we recommend attaching a whisk to the cabin. This can be retrofitted. As a further option, we offer both rail heating and conductor rail heating. However, these two options cannot be retrofitted.

Does the lift have corrosion protection?


All parts are galvanized or made of aluminum and stainless steel. The cabin is made of GRP, glass fiber reinforced plastic. The roadway is hot-dip galvanized and also powder-coated. This means that the L-TEC Outdoorlift is optimally protected even in areas with salty air.

Does the lift run on any terrain?


Basically yes. It goes without saying that the load-bearing capacity of the subsurface is decisive, but this is only a problem in the rarest of cases. In the case of very rocky or sandy soils, concrete foundations will be used.

What happens in extreme temperatures?


The lift is designed for a temperature range of -20 to +40 ° C as standard.
If it is used permanently in extremely cold or hot areas, the components are matched accordingly.

How long does it take to set up?


After approval, you must expect around 10 weeks of production time and, depending on the length of the system, 1-2 weeks of assembly time

How high are the costs?


The costs result largely from the length and type of the route. Our engineers will be happy to advise you and support you in your planning. 

How often does the maintenance have to be done?


With an average use, the L-TEC Outdoorlift is  usually serviced twice a year.

How long is the guarantee?


There is a 24-month guarantee. If you conclude a full service contract with us, the warranty is extended to a total of 5 years.

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